Will it Work?

We're making improvements to RhinoCommon which may impact your Rhino or Grasshopper plug-ins. Will your plug-in work? Use this tool to determine whether or not your .NET assembly is compatible with the latest version: it provides information about what, if anything, requires attention.

Please read the caveats below before running this tool.

Save assembly?

Caveat Emptor

A. The file will be uploaded to our servers, processed against the latest Rhino SDK using our open source .NET compatibility tool and discarded immediately after. The results, however, will be kept so that we can make some useful observations with respect to how we develop our SDKs.

B. The file will be checked against the following versions of Rhino:
Rhino 7 WIP for Windows (7.0.20252.11325)

C. McNeel would like to save your assembly and use it in further testing to ensure the ongoing stability of the RhinoCommon SDK. Your assembly will not be shared with any third-parties.

Give will@mcneel.com a shout if you need any assistance.
Alternatively, you can ask for help on the Rhino Developer category on Discourse.

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